The RCIA is the process through which adults become members of the Catholic Church.

Why Be Catholic?
Catholic authors, Richard Rohr OFM and Joseph Martos, list “Eight Good Reasons for Being Catholic” in an article for Catholic Update.  Here are their reasons:

  1. An  optimistic  view  of  creation: Catholics see God shining through all of creation so Catholics are very comfortable using elements of creation—water, fire, oil, bread, wine, human touch—in the Church’s sacramental celebrations.
  2. A  universal  vision:  The word “catholic” means “universal.”  The Catholic Church is multinational, multicultural, and multiracial in its universal vision.
  3. A  holistic  outlook: Catholics believe that everyone is called to achieve their fullest potential, to be a truly whole and holy person, and this requires true conversion.
  4. Personal  growth: Catholics, therefore, see life as a constant process of continuous conversion to become more like Christ; a journey of faith open to God’s grace.
  5. Social  transformation:  Catholics believe that society itself must be transformed so that all people are set free to live as children of God.
  6. A  communal  spirit: From the earliest days of the Church, the Christian way of life was communitarian.  Saint Paul called each community a “body of Christ.”
  7. A  profound  sense  of  history:   The  Church  is  over  2000  years  old.    From  this unique  perspective  of  history,  Catholic  have  learned  that  the  gospel  can  be  lived  in any place, at any time, under any condition.
  8. A  respect  for  human  knowledge: Catholics believe that if they are firmly grounded in  their  faith,  that  faith  is  not  threatened  by  the  search  for  scientific  knowledge.  Catholics know that all truth comes from God, whether it is revealed or discovered.

If you or someone you know wishes to join the Catholic Church or simply desires to learn more about the Church, please contact RCIA Coordinator Barbara Bettwy: RCIA@steas.net.