Freedom from Overeating

Whatever your issues with weight or food, LOVE is the answer. That’s right. Love. EVERY OTHER TUESDAY, at 7 pm,  Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish is hosting a 10-week program called Freedom From Overeating. Each week, we gather together and learn to let the Love of Jesus guide us to make peace with food, and with our bodies. There is no cost to attend, except for the purchase of the books. The title of the books are The Eden Diet ($15 at Amazon) and The Eden Diet Workbook ($16.95 at Amazon), but don’t let the names fool you. This is not a diet, and it’s not about eating bird food. In fact, there are really no food restrictions at all! Only freedom with Christ.

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Smith (732-877-6905), Peggy Gaizauskas (766-4078), or Donna Nebistinsky (697-6929). We are happy to be taking this journey with you. All are welcome!