God Offers More!

V&A_-_Raphael,_The_Miraculous_Draught_of_Fishes_(1515)_700pxIn his homily for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Monsignor King said:

“The unworthy, out of sincere honesty of who they are before God, fall on their knees before Jesus and say, ‘Lord, I am not worthy of the gifts you have in store for me.’ It’s not a false humility; it’s a deep humility that says simply, ‘I’m not worthy of this. I am a sinful person.’ But that, very subtly, denies the astonishing mercy of God … denies the ability of God to forgive … denies the ability of God to give us the graces we need in life. It builds a wall between us and the grace of the Lord.” Listen on our Homilies page!