Integrity (Deacon Hall)

“The Psalmist describes integrity as someone who stands by his oath even to his hurt or to put it another way, makes firm commitments and does not renege on his promise (15:4). Integrity is someone who is willing to say, ‘I was wrong.’ Integrity is helping others at a cost to ourselves. The test of integrity is when the heat is on––when we are under pressure.”

Three Spiritual Implications (Father Eseke)

“You may have heard it said that love liberates. It’s not just a metaphor. When people say that love liberates, it’s not simply a metaphor. It’s real. True loves liberates an individual, it liberates a community , and, believe me, it liberates a culture. And that’s precisely why, in our readings today, we now see Jesus reducing everything about religion and religiosity to love of God and the love of neighbor.”