YOU ARE INVITED!!! FENCING DEMONSTRATION!  West Shore Fencing Club will be giving a demonstration to our Trail Life Troop on November 8 at 7 pm. All parish youth, boys or girls, ages 5 to 18, are invited to join the troop for an introduction to this fascinating sport. If you’ve never seen fencing up close, this is your chance! This is the club’s second visit here. They gave a great demonstration and a hands-on introduction to Trail Life and American Heritage Girls this summer. Check out the video!

About Trail Life

Trail Life Troop PA-0101 is a Christ-centered outdoor adventure program for young men. When our trailmen are on the trail, they camp and hike in state parks, swim, canoe and kayak in lakes and creeks, shoot the rapids, visit shooting and archery ranges, and even traverse a frozen tundra or two—and the list goes on. During these trips, the trailmen learn trail skills that will make any camping or any nature event much more enjoyable. These are skills that hopefully they will pass on to their future trailmen.

Our trailmen do not only navigate the trail in the outdoors. Trail Life troop PA-0101 holds bi-weekly meetings, which may involve various subjects, such as athletic activities, (like fencing), or topics such as art, aviation, sailing, engineering, citizenship, financial management, to name a few. This is where much of the badge work is done, so that the outdoor adventures can be a time of exploration.

Trail Life Troop PA-0101 is always on the move, the troop members are involved with many service projects throughout the year, and with our “not-so-typical” fundraising activities that not only helps move the troop, but are learning experiences too.



Trail Life Troop PA-0101 is led by men of faith whose internal compass points to God and the belief that Jesus Christ is our Savior. This binding thread runs through Trail Life and connects all of us regardless of faith. This common bond is passed down to the trailmen through various religious programs and pilgrimages to sacred shrines.

 Come see where Trail Life can take you…