Are you a caregiver who can’t attend support group meetings or wonders if it’s a good use of valuable time?

Many caregivers are like that, too busy or concerned to leave a loved one.

If this is your situation, our parish Caregiver Group can be a valuable resource. We offer monthly meetings, and we also help by telephone, if you feel you cannot leave for even a brief time. Several caregivers have been helped in this way, and had their questions answered and worries eased through phone conversations.

We meet the second Monday of each month at 1:30 PM.

Whatever the question or concern, we are here to help and provide support by phone or through support group meetings.

For telephone support, call Ernie Nettleton, (717) 766-8806, or attend our Caregivers Group meetings.

Bring a friend! For information contact Parish Pastoral Assistant Donna Nebistinsky (

Non-parishioners are welcome!