Parent Update October 1


Julie: Hello! In case you missed our first video email, I’m Mrs. Julie Ritts and this is my co-teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Balda.

Last week, I covered the basics of our classes- how we enter the room and bless ourselves with Holy Water, then work quietly until our Opening Prayer.

I described all 3 features of homework: daily prayer, weekly mass, and random acts of kindness.

Jen: Please pray the Apostles’ Creed each day for the next 2 weeks. Somewhere near the end of October, we will test the students to see if they have it memorized. It can be found in the purple section of your child’s green folder.

Julie: There is no class next week. Please continue attending mass with your child. Mass attendance, listening to the Gospel, and receiving Holy Communion do more for your child than CCD alone.

Jen: The third part of homework we give the students is performing a random act of kindness. Please encourage your child to do something nice for someone else each and every day.

Julie: Today we covered Chapter 1 and the highlights up to Chapter 6.

We learned which prayer students can use to tell their friends what we believe.

Jen: We also learned about St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Patrick.

Julie: Remember, no CCD next week. Feel free to bring a WiFi capable device to class each week. If time allows, we will use them. Otherwise, they will remain turned upside down on the tables.

Both: Thank you and God Bless You!!