CONTACT: Alex Bogdanoff, 817-304-3603


What is a charismatic prayer group?

It consists of people from varying backgrounds/parishes who meet weekly to offer praise & worship, scripture readings, a short teaching, personal witnesses, personal and intercessory (intentions) prayer.

It allows an openness to spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12) to be exercised humbly and in love; these include healing, prophecy, tongues and other charismatic gifts.

ALL are welcome to attend, regardless of spiritual experience, as we seek a closer relationship with Our Lord, intimacy with Holy Spirit and offer prayers to the Father.

The “Life in the Spirit” prayer group meets in Room 8 every Thursday @ 7 PM; optional rosary at 6:30 PM.

Questions or prayer intentions can be sent to Alex Bogdanoff (alexabogdanoff@gmail.com) or (817) 304-3603.