What Is Our Response?

The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We no longer banish persons with leprosy. In fact, more than 16 million people in the world have been cured of leprosy in the last 20 years. But sadly, we still neglect and reject the sick. Only now, it is those with mental and emotional disease and addictions that we blame for their condition. When it comes to gender identity issues and relational dysfunction, we’re even harder on the sufferers. This is why the encounter with Jesus today with the leprosy sufferer is so moving: He was suffering from something everybody was afraid of being–a despised outcast. Listen to Father Schenck’s weekend homily HERE.

Jesus stretched out his hand. First He allowed him into his presence, now He’s reaching out to him. Does that tell us anything about what mercy is all about? And then finally, Jesus touched him. He touched him. It’s really about all of us as Christians. We are called to become instruments of God’s love–to touch each and every one with love, with mercy, and with kindess… In a world that is threatened by hate and divisiveness, you and I as Christians, we are called to become imitators of Christ. And like Christ, let us learn to stretch out and touch. Listen to Father Eseke’s weekend homily HERE.

Image from The Walters Art Museum, Saint Elzéar Curing the Lepers

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