Preparing for Christmas, Preparing for Christ’s Return
Advent_Week_1_2015Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving_apples_Gods_generosity God’s gifts are given so that we might be free to love without measure and without cost. Gratitude is a virtue that places us in right relationship with God: to raise our hands in humble thanks we first must let loose our grasp of lesser things. Hands upraised to God Almighty remind us of the source of all that is good and holy, and are hands ready to grasp others’ in generosity or in want, in love or in pain. Gratitude reminds us that our limited lives are no less than a gift from the limitless and beautiful richness of God’s love. We can share in our plenty without fear of loss, for God’s coffers are never emptied. We can ask in our want without fear of rebuke, for God’s generosity is the ultimate source of all.  —Monsignor King
(You can find Monsignor’s homily for the day HERE.)

Trivia Night is coming!


The latest look at our construction!

Here’s a lovely look at the work in progress, with notes to help visualize the new spaces. Thanks to parishioner and videographer Don Uvick!