Feeling uncomfortable?

“God is always actively at work for our salvation, and that means bringing even discomfort when we are holding on to things that hinder us. Our calling is to be holy!” Deacon Hall talks about Responding to the Word of God in his homily for the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Listen or read online on our Homilies page!


You may be so busy taking care of your loved one that you don’t stop to think what YOU need to make things better for everyone. Here is our Caregivers Group facilitator, Ernie Nettleton, to explain the kinds of help you can find in our monthly group–which is open to everyone! Our next meeting is Monday at 3:30 PM. We can’t say this often enough–all are welcome! We really want to support you in your loving service to a relative, friend, or neighbor!

How I read the Bible

Check out Seton Sunday for insights and resources on how Catholics read the Bible. Featuring cover essays by parishioners Margaret Kovacic, Pete Fludovich, and Donna Nebistinsky—with more to come!

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