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Make Advent Count!

How do you pray when you don’t “feel” like it or when it seems the right words just aren’t there? Where can one find something to guide meditative thoughts? Is there a way to soothe or encourage a frazzled soul? Deacon Hall has, for years, used selected music to help with all the above. He will share some songs from several of his “prayer playlists” with us for this evening of exploring ways to pray.

DECEMBER 18 @ 5 pm—ROSARY MEDITATION, with special music by Pastoral Musician Stephen Stringer.
We will integrate special settings of the Ave Maria with periods of meditation on the Mysteries. Come to experience this prayerful time.


contemplativeprayerwithsacredscriptureHave you ever thought that the Lord is drawing you deeper into prayer—where there are no words? Contemplative prayer is an ancient practice in the Catholic Church, but many think of it as something for monastics. In fact, contemplative prayer is used by people in all walks of life as an everyday form of prayer. This rich and meaningful form of prayer is one that Monsignor King uses frequently, and he shared it with us in our Advent Prayer Experience 2016 on the First Sunday of Advent. Visit our podcast page HERE to listen to Monsignor’s introduction and download a helpful resource.

Four Last Things

“AS SURELY AS THE YEAR CYCLES to its place of dying, life in this world faces The Four Last Things. But that is not the final word. The final Word is Jesus. On the other side of death and judgment is a promise from our Lord that comes in the final book of the Bible: Behold, I make all things new (Rev 21:5).” Listen to Deacon Hall’s weekend homily HERE.

All Saints Day

all-saints-2016In his homily for this joyous feast, Father Eseke reminded us: “The saints in heaven can intercede for us, the Pilgrim Church. And all of us can also intercede for the Suffering Church, those who have passed on but are not yet in heaven… When we celebrate sainthood, it simply reminds us that there is a future.” Listen to his complete homily HERE.

The Context of Mercy

DEACON HALL ENCOURAGED US: “If you sincerely pray, ‘God be merciful to me, a sinner,’ God will give you mercy, and mercy truly received will change your life.” Listen to Deacon Hall’s weekend homily HERE.


The Hymn of Your Life

“God wants to put a melody to the hymns of each of our lives. And God wants us all to bolster each other as we sing together those hymns. Every single person in this church today has a hymn to sing from the text of your life. Every person here has a story to tell of where you are at this moment in your faith. God’s grace wants to enter that story and sing it as a hymn. And God wants us all to join in singing that hymn together, so we can bolster each other in faith.” LISTEN TO MONSIGNOR KING’S WEEKEND HOMILY HERE.

More than Words

“One glorified God in a loud voice and fell in gratitude at the feet of Jesus. Nine were never heard from again. Every commentary on the Bible, and every homily or sermon on this passage (Luke 17:11-19) I could find, condemns the nine and exalts the one. Why? What was the sin of the nine? Their sin was silence when the situation clearly called for action that glorified God and gave public witness to the work of God in their lives.” Listen to Monsignor King’s weekend homily HERE. Or open the transcript of the homily in pdf format HERE.


Increase Your Faith

“If you want faith, learn to trust God in small things and big alike; learn to trust that God has a plan and it is being worked out in our midst, even if you or I don’t see it or understand it.” Listen to Monsignor King’s insights on Sunday’s readings on our new podcast page.


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Sneak Preview: Homilies on a New Page!

We’re still building this new podcast page for our Sunday homilies and other inspirational messages, but soon you will be able to subscribe to the feed. We’ll have the remaining existing homilies loaded here soon, and then we’ll work to make it available through iTunes and Google Play. Check out the beginnings here: Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Podcast.  (And you will still find older homilies HERE until we migrate everything to the new page.)

Why would anyone ‘choose’ hell?

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time: “Why would anyone ‘choose’ hell? It is one’s own choice. Of course most people do not make the choice of hell explicitly; people choose hell passively by choosing other things above God. What kinds of choices lead people into hell? … This is a story of a man who chooses hell when he chooses to do nothing.” Listen to Deacon Hall’s Sunday homily or read it online here: Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Podcast.

Workshop of Domenico Fetti, The Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man, , 1618/1628, oil on panel, Samuel H. Kress Collection

Workshop of Domenico Fetti, The Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man, , 1618/1628, oil on panel, Samuel H. Kress Collection

Weeping with Jesus

“Brothers and sisters, recognize who we are—the Body of Christ—and that we are truly brothers and sisters with those around the world who suffer pain and violence, whose hearts are breaking, and whose eyes day and night stream with tears. Ours is an invitation to weep with Jesus at the pain of this world, and to pray with Jesus that the grace and mercy of God, a loving Father, will change the hearts of those who plot violence and refuse mercy.” Listen to MONSIGNOR KING’s entire homily online HERE.


‘The Joy of Love’: What does the Pope’s message on marriage and the family mean for us?

amoris_laetitiaAs Pope Francis asks pastors of souls to enter into discernment with persons whose marriage situations keep them from the sacramental life of the Church, I want our parishioners to know that the parish clergy are available and eager to meet with anyone in such a situation, and to do as Pope Francis asks, discern God’s will together with them, in humility, discretion, and faithfulness to the Gospel and the Church. — Monsignor King

Read Monsignor’s commentary, find a special Contact Form to request an appointment, or download the Pope’s message HERE.