A beautiful Forty Hours of Eucharistic Devotions!

Listen to the homily for Tuesday evening HERE.

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Listen to the homily for Sunday evening HERE.

“People of the Cross”

Listen to Deacon Hall’s weekend weekend homily HERE.

That Man Is You!

Read what our parishioners are saying about this great program in our parish.

The Peaceable Kingdom

Edward Hicks (American, 1780 – 1849 ), Peaceable Kingdom, c. 1834, oil on canvas, Gift of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch

“A few years ago when I was teaching at Catholic University in Washington, DC, I overhead two college students walking across campus. One asked the other to pray for him because he was going through a rough time. Astonishingly, the second student stopped, turned toward his friend, made the sign of the cross and began to pray for him right then and there. Why not? Did you do that this week? Hearing the troubles of the world, did you stop and pray right then and there? ‘Lord, help our troubled world; heal our divided hearts. Turn hatred and mistrust to compassion. Amen’ — That’s all it takes. In the middle of the office, the neighborhood, the family room. Pray. Here and now.” Listen to the entire homily HERE.

Learn and grow your faith!

There are lots of great online resources to help you, but we are meant to grow in community! Check out our flyer on Adult Faith Formation.

Healing is woven into the life of our parish


A young monk sought out a wizened old Abbot in the monastery. “Why,” the young man asked, “Has my prayer become dry and distant?” The old man looked him in the eye and told him a story. Listen to Monsignor King’s weekend homily HERE.